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Project Janus, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation whose purpose is to support the most appropriate level of preventative care, treatment and crisis intervention services for constituents affected by a dual diagnosis of an intellectual or developmental disability and co-occurring mental illness (IDD/MI). We are also committed to providing supportive education and services for the extended family members and caregivers of these individuals. Project Janus seeks to accomplish these purposes by supporting programs and service structures designed to assist individuals with a dual diagnosis of IDD/MI to live more successful and rewarding lives.

Located in San Angelo, Texas, Project Janus, Inc. was created in response to community recognition that individuals with a dual diagnosis of IDD/MI were unable to access many of the services they required within the sprawling, sparsely populated area of West Texas in which they currently reside. Together, representatives from the MHMR Service Center for the Concho Valley, San Angelo State Supported Living Center, area governments, law enforcement, public schools, local institutions of higher education, area health care facilities, the San Angelo Chamber of Commerce and private providers of IDD/MI services brainstormed as to how to better serve this special population in our area. From these brainstorming sessions, Project Janus, Inc. was formed. The name of the organization was chosen to reflect the Roman god Janus, who could look in two directions at the same time, even as those who provide services to individuals with a dual diagnosis of IDD/MI must look in two directions at the same time to provide effective treatment supports and services.

Our goal is to determine a model of best practices and then work with state agencies and providers to assist in the development of an integrated coordinated continuum of services designed to enhance the ability of individuals with a dual diagnosis of IDD/MI to experience quality of life at its highest level. At the heart of our work is the belief in an integrated therapeutic approach that supports behavioral learning and personal growth across the life span.

For further information we invite you to review the materials on our site, or if you have questions or need further information, contact us at:

Project Janus, Inc.
2824 Sherwood Way
San Angelo, TX 76901

Project Janus